HTML Widgets

HTML widgets are reusable snippets of static HTML. The image in the header of this site is an HTML widget. HTML widgets can be created at the Create HTML Widget link in the adminstration menu. The widget needs a name which must be unique.

Add widget name

The HTML content can be generated by the rich text editor, or you can use the Source option to type it in directly.

Add widget content

Once you have created your widget, you can place it. Click the Place HTML Widget link to do this.

First, you need to choose the layout that the widget should be placed in. 

Select layout

Then select the widget from the dropdown.

Select widget

Next, select the layer that the widget should be applied to.

select layer

Then select the zone it should appear in.

Select Zone

Zones are locations within a layout page where a widget can be placed. You can learn more about zones in the  Themes tutorial.

You can specify the order in which the widget should appear in the zone, assuming that other widgets will also be placed there. The ordering works in the same way as for menu items - in ascending order. Finally, you can provide a CSS class name for the widget which will be used in the div that houses the widget when it is rendered.

Widget display and css

When you have finished, click the Save button.