Installing Web Pages CMS

Web Pages CMS can be obtained from CodePlex. Navigate to the Web Pages CodePlex site ( and click the Download link.

source code link

Save the resulting .zip file in a location that you have access to and extract it to a convenient location.

This is the beginnings of your new web site. Rename the folder if you like to match whatever you want to call your site. 

Running your new site

Web Pages CMS sites need Internet Information Services (IIS) to run, If you are familiar with IIS and have it installed, you can use the management tools to add a new site, using your WebPagesCMS folder (or whatever you have renamed it to) as your virtual directory.

Alternatively, you can use IIS Express, which comes bundled with WebMatrix, You can download WebMatrix from Once WebMatrix is installed, right click on the site folder and choose "Open as a Web Site with Microsoft WebMatrix"

Having opened the site in WebMatrix, click the Site button in the Workspace selector:

Then click Settings and make sure that .NET 4 (Integrated) is selected in the .NET Framework version selector as below.

Then click the Run button in the top left corner.

When the site first launches, you will be prompted to enter an administrator user name and password. 

first run

You should ensure that the combination you choose is secure, because these credentials will provide the user with full rights to all aspects of the deployed site's management. Once you have created your administator user account, you will be prompted to log in with those credentials.


You have now configured your site and can start to add content to it.