Layers and widgets

Widgets are reusable pieces of functionality. In Web Pages CMS there are four types of widget:

  1. Menu widgets
  2. HTML widgets
  3. Folder widgets
  4. Form widgets

Menu widgets consist of an unordered list of links. HTML widgets are simple pieces of static HTML. Folder widgets are more complex widgets that can be configured by the user to produce customised results each time.  Form widgets enable you to construct forms that generate emails, such as contact forms. You can find out more about how to create and manage each type of widget in its own tutorial. 

Layers are user-defined collections of pages that share the same layout. The default layer is called Default and is associated with _SiteLayout, Every page that makes use of SiteLayout will be in the Default layer. Layers are used to define which pages a widget should appear on. A widget assigned to the default layer will appear on every page, since all pages belong to Default layer. If you create a layer called Home and only assign the home page to that layer, any widgets placed in the Home layer will only be visible on the Home page. Other widgets will also be visible on the home page if they are placed in layers that the home page belongs to, such as Default. Pages can belong to any number of layers.

Adding a new layer

You add a new layer from the Create Layer link in the admin menu. Select the layout that the layer applies to.

Select layer

Provide a name for the layer.

Provide name ofr Layer

You should also provide a description for the layer, for example the reason that it exists. 


Managing layer contents

When you create a new layer, you are automatically taken to the layer management page. You can also reach it from the Manage Layers link in the admin navigation. Select the layout that the layer belongs to.

Select layout

Then select the layer you want to manage.

Select layer

You will be presented with a list of all pages that share the same layout. Select  the ones that you want to add the the layer by making sure that In In Layer is checked and then click Save.

Manage Pages