Managing Widgets

Once you have created and placed widgets. you may need to change some aspect such as their order, position or layer. You so this via the Manage Placed Widgets link. 

First, you must select the layout.

Select layout

Then you must select the widget layer that you want to manage. Widgets are listed by zone within the layer, and each widget includes an Edit and a Remove link. Clicking Remove in all cases will remove the widget from the layer entirely,

Widgets in layer

Editing a Menu Widget

When editing a menu widget, you are permitted to change its layer to another that shares the same layout, its zone and/or its display order. If you wish to modify the menu's content or CSS class, you can do this using the Manage Menus link. 

Manage Menu Widget

Editing an HTML Widget

Just as with a menu widget, you can change its layer, zone and its display order when you click the Edit link, In addition, you can amend the CSS class applied to the div that houses the HTML widget, and you can amend the content (HTML) of the widget itself.

Manage HTML Widget

Editing a Folder Widget

If you wish to amend a Folder widget, you can alter its layer, zone, CSS class and display order. In addition, if the folder widget has an accompanying file, you will be able to amend the various values that the folder widget accepts as arguments.

Manage Folder Widget