Users and Roles

When you first launched your new Web Pages site, you had to create a user account. This user account is in the Administrator role. The Administrator role is one of four starter roles, the other three roles being Editor, Publisher and Author. Each role has a set of permissions associated with it. To see and amend the permissions associated with a particular role, click the Manage Role Permissions link in the administration navigation. Then select the role from the drop down:

All permissions will be grouped by area: Pages, Widgets, Menus etc. You can adjust the permissions that apply to each of the existing roles by selecting or unselecting them. You must make sure that at least one role retains permission to assign permissions to roles.

Adding Roles

You can create new roles by clicking the Add Role link in the administration navigation. To create a role, all you need to provide is a name. Then you are taken to the form where you can assign permissions to the new role.


Users consist of a user name and a password. Before a user can do anything, they need to be assigned a role.  Onced you have created a user you cannot delete it. This is because the user account will have a number of action associated with it in the database, such as creating a page or updating one. However, you can deactivate an account. You can also edit th edetails of an account.

When you edit an acount, you can change its password, and you can assign a different role to the account. If you deactivate an account, the user will not be able to log in. You can however reactivate accounts.